Whether you’re a multi-national company or an individual looking for an unrivalled executive local service, Britannia Executive is here to help. Based in Thame and established in 1999, we work with many local companies providing an executive car service at affordable prices – indeed we remain price competitive with regular minicab companies.
We provide executive car service and we have a bunch of luxurious cars to your disposal. Our cars are prestigious, modern and luxurious and you can choose any car you like for your big day. You can hire from our collection Mercedes, Audi, BMW and many others.  Choose any car you like from Britannia cars UK and let us handle the matter from there. We don’t just provide executive car service we also provide wedding car, Corporate Travel, Airport Transfers as well. Hire us and see how we roll things for you. Choose your favorite car from our luxurious collection and let us choose the perfect and courteous chauffer for you, along with it. Britannia cars UK has the best chauffeurs in team. 

Our Services

Our company needs to track all the details of your upcoming flight so our drivers don’t find any difficulty to reach your destination in time.If you want the meet and greet service then you have to pay the additional charge of £10.00 for that.We don’t accept any responsibility in case of delays because of traffic.A child is considered a passenger no matter the age. At the time of filling the form you will have to mention your child as well, as a passenger.We reserve the right to change your driver or chauffer according to our choice.You cannot smoke in the vehicle. Our company adheres to strict non smoking policy in the vehicles.We don’t accept any responsibility of  any delay if you have not filled the form properly at the time of booking. .

Our Liability

It is completely up to you to take care of your luggage. Taking care of your luggage it is not a responsibility of our company.

Our company is not responsible if the passenger encounters an accident on their way to the destination.

In case the car breaks midway then it will be our responsibility to arrange another car for your journey.

We have the right to cancel your booking in case of emergencies like riots, wars and some other misfortune.